Clever organisations understand the value of positive emotional impact.


Virgin America’s latest safety video shows a brand that’s willing to be fun, and to put that fun into something most travelers dislike, if not down right hate – having to sit through the safety video.  America safety video

Clever organisations understand the value of positive emotional impact across every touch point they have with their customers – large or small, optional or mandatory.  Where many brands get it wrong is to assume that ‘serious stuff’ like the safety briefing has to be done in way that is not aligned with their overall brand values.

The safety briefing is one touch point among many that airlines must present to their customers, and one that adds no value the majority of the time. So livening it up in a way that lifts the customers’ emotionally whilst reinforcing a key Virgin brand value is an inexpensive yet effective customer management tactic.  Virgin are by no means the first airline to take more of a branded experience approach to the safety video – in 2009 an enterprising South West Airlines flight attendant became a youtube 

sensation when his opening announcement began with “I’ve had 5 flights today and I just cannot do the regular boring announcement again. I might put myself to sleep”, and continued with a great rap performance of the safety briefing.

SWA rapAs opposed to Virgin’s very deliberate crafting of a branded experience, the SWA example show’s how an empowered employee could craft a branded experience on the spot.  In each cases, the brand understood how to have a positive emotional impact in an otherwise boring interaction.

How many unbranded, boring interactions do you provide your customers that could be done in a very different way?

Passionate about aligning brand promises to brand delivery through customer experience strategy & execution.

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